“The Wasabies” to work as envoy of children with Down syndrome

Art & Culture
2020-10-21 16:24:46

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “The Wasabies” Mongolian girl group has been selected as an envoy of Down Syndrome Association of Mongolia (DSAM).

Within the cooperation, members of the girl group  in collaboration with Nepko kids and DSAM have created four series of comic book dedicated to children.

About it, member of the group D.Buyandulam said, “We wanted to show to the public that children with disabilities are a component of society like us. Therefore, each member of our band enriched the book content with her stories to give inspiration to children."

The girl group, which was formed in 2018 through the first season of Edutainment TV’s version of the French reality television show Star Academy, has now its second album ready.The group released its first album “Girls generation” in 2019.