‘Mars On Earth’ international conference to take place at State Palace

2020-11-09 15:49:17

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Mars On Earth’ international hybrid online conference is to be organized by Mars-V project team on November 13 at the initiative of Mongolian Aerospace Research and Science Association (MARSA).

World-famous space and Mars experts and members of the first mission to Mars will virtually take part in the international conference to be held under the auspices of the President of Mongolia, with the support of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia. Mars On Earth’s purpose is to run discussion on Mars-V project that aims to establish in the Mongolian Gobi an International center of science, technology and innovation that consists of Mars comprehensive training academy, Space exploration and development free-zone and Satellite city for tourism.

According to the 'Mars on Earth' organizers, conference speakers are comprised of experts across diverse fields of policy making, information technology, science and space exploration as well as future Martians from NASA and ESA and the guests and audiences will be able to explore mankind's vision for Mars, to feel the lifestyle and immerse themselves into the future of space exploration, technological advancements and beyond.

The conference will have 3 sessions. In the 1st session, keynote speakers, namely, Founder and President of the Mars Society Dr. Robert Zubrin, Euro Space Center astronaut instructor and Founder of Mars Society Belgium Pierre Emmanuel Paulis, Chiba Institute of Technology, Team Lead for the Japan and United Arab Emirates joint Mars Research program Akiyama Hiroaki, and Professor at the National University of Mongolia, Mars-V project consultant Tsolmon Renchin will discuss ‘Mankind’s Vision to Reach Mars’.

In the 2nd session, some of the first people who are to set foot on Mars, namely NASA astronaut Alyssa Carson, European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Camille Fournier, astronaut Linda Raimondo who works on ESA and NASA programs will speak about the ‘Mars Generation’, while Member of the American Chamber of Commerce National Space Committee Gavin Gillett, Chairman of Communications and Information Technology Authority of Mongolia Bolor-Erdene Battsengel, Founder of Norwegian Space Agency Jannicke Mikkelsen, and Chief Executive of Young Researcher Supporting Foundation Mongolia Jargalsaikhan Dugar will discuss ‘Space Technology and Digital Transformation’ in the last session.