Tsagaannuur border point periodically open for petroleum imports

2020-11-23 18:48:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Deputy Prime Minister Ya.Sodbaatar has informed that the Tsagaannuur border crossing checkpoint in Bayan-Ulgii is open this week for petroleum imports. 

By the government’s resolution dated November 16, 2020, freight transportation movement across all border crossing points with the Russian Federation have been closed amid the COVID-19 lockdown and movement restrictions.  In specific, the Altanbulag border checkpoint in Selenge aimag is closed for two months until January 18, 2021, and other checkpoints - Tes, Artssuuri, Ulikhan, Ereentsav, Tsagaannuur and Borshoo will remain shut down for an indefinite period. 

However, the Tsagaannuur border checkpoint is now allowed to open only for every second and fourth weeks for petroleum transport by road.  

Borshoo checkpoint in Uvs aimag and Tsgaannuur point account for 75 percent of total import movement of petroleum and petroleum products to the western region of Mongolia.

As of November 23, today, 17 freight vehicles, carrying around 408 tons of fuel, entered the country across the Tsagaannuur and all unloaded trucks are sent back within the same day. 

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