Deputy Mining Minister works at Gashuunsukhait border checkpoint

2020-11-25 11:08:11

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. As per the decision dated November 21 by the chair of the State Emergency Commission, a working group headed by Deputy Minister of Mining O.Batnairamdal is working at the Gashuunsukhait border crossing checkpoint in Umnugobi aimag. 

The working trip is aimed to prevent from COVID-19 spread among residents living in border areas, ensure normal operations of mining companies working for the Oyu Tolgoi, Tavantolgoi and Nariinsukhait projects, and Gashuunsukhait and Shiveekhuren border crossing checkpoints in the region, as well as to determine measures needed to take, and provide unified management. 

Mining Minister G.Yondon has given an order to relevant mining organizations and officials to ensure safety of mining employees, strictly adhere to safety guidelines, and provide rapid testing for mining employees, and to establish safety zones at the aforementioned mineral deposits situated in the key export region, and announce the Gashuunsukhait and Shiveekhuren border crossing checkpoints as ‘Green Zone’ after taking COVID-19 tests from each and every coal hauling truck driver. 

As informed by the Ministry of Mining, the Chinese side is requiring all drivers making transportation of coal export to have a negative COVID-19 test certificate to gain entry to its territory. In connection with his, an operative team of healthcare workers was sent to the border area, taking tests from 854 drivers until recently. 

On November 23, some 211 coal hauling trucks and 95 vehicles loaded with copper concentrate passed through the Gashuunsukhait, and 216 coal hauling truck across the Shiveeekhuren. Around 5,000 drivers will take part in COVID-19 testing in the future, reports the Ministry of Mining. 

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