Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece ‘Temeen Sureg’

2020-12-02 16:17:45

In this edition of the series ‘Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece’ brought to you by MONTSAME News Agency in cooperation with Mongolian National Art Gallery, we are presenting the artwork, ‘Temeen Sureg’ (A Pack of Camels) by artist B.Chintogtokh.


The artwork was painted on a 60x150 cm canvas using gouache in 1981. 


Using a pack of two-humped camels that take only 10 percent of the global camel population to bring forward the features of Mongolian nomadic culture, the artwork symbolizes the continuity of the Mongol method for herding livestock. With a theme of tranquility, the appearance and movements of all the camels are clearly depicted through intricate details. Each one of their movements, attitudes, and appearances is quite realistic despite being unique. The setting for Mongolian artworks, skillfulness in using thin brush strokes, line art as well as perspective and light and shadow techniques commonly found in European arts are all used to create the artwork.


Encapsulating nomadic heritage as well as traditional craftsmanship, the piece, ‘Temeen Sureg’, by artist Chintogtokh is one of the artworks to proudly represent the 20th century, during which there were big changes made in depiction and artistic mindset.


Description written by Doctor of Arts, Professor O.Sosor

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