Head dressing of Khalkha woman

Art & Culture
2020-12-04 11:53:29

Uvs /MONTSAME/. Traditional accessories of Mongol women consisted of hair ornaments, earrings, rings, bracelets, pins, etc, and their designs and styles differ from each other depending on ethnic groups, such as Khalkha, Oirat, Buryats and so on. 

These head accessories of a married Khalkha woman requires delicate craftsmanship and were handmade by forging white silver and then pricking it to carve precise and detailed patterns on it and embedding with red and yellow gem ornaments. 

The silver cap is decorated with two large pieces of ornaments on both sides to it and has three silver buttons as well as ornaments extending down to the back of the neck. It also has two long clips and two crown-shaped clips, comprising of eight separate parts in total. The whole head dressing weighs 915 grams. 

In 1983, employee of the Museum of Uvs Aimag purchased the head dressing of a Khalkha wife from B.Khokhoojav, originally from Tsagaankhairkhan soum of Uvs aimag, who was working at a wood factory and added to the Museum’s treasury.