Carnivorous theropod dinosaur- Tarbosaurus

2020-12-04 18:03:37

Bayankhongor/MONTSAME/. One of the five complete dinosaur skeletons, found in the world, is kept in the Natural Museum of Bayankhongor aimag, Mongolia. 

Tarbosaurus, large carnivorous theropod dinosaur, lived 130 million years ago, and in 1982 a joint Mongolian-Soviet expedition found the find in the Bugiin Tsav of Bayangobi soum, Bayankhongor aimag.

A word 'Tarbosaurus' is derived from the Greek words tarbo (terrible) and sausrus (lizard). According to scientists' estimation, the adult Tarbosaurus is 12 meters long, 4-5 meters high and weighs about 6 tons. As for the Tarbosaurus skeleton found in Bayankhongor, it is three meters high and nine meters long, so it was relatively young dinosaur.

Fossils of such ancient giants and sea creatures have been found not only in Bugiin Tsav, but also in Nogoon Tsav in Shinejinst soum and near Orog Lake and Am River and Luu Yast in Bogd soum of the aimag.