Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece ‘Ukherchin’

2021-01-11 15:56:47

In this edition of the series ‘Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece’ brought to you by MONTSAME News Agency in cooperation with Mongolian National Art Gallery, we are presenting the artwork, ‘Ukherchin’ (Cattleman) by artist B.Chintogtokh.


The artwork was painted on a 63x112 cm canvas using gouache in 1981.

In his effort to bring together neat, skillful strokes with the artistic techniques of both the east and west, the artwork puts the spotlight on life. The events depict a girl showing off her new bag to another girl, standing on the other side of the river alongside a herd of cows peacefully pasturing, as well as a boy on a bull carefully looking at yaks butting heads.

This artwork is a part of the three-part series by artist B.Chintogtokh in 1981, alongside the works, ‘Temeen Sureg’ (A Pack of Camels) and ‘Aduuchin’ (Horse Wrangler). 

After finishing his studies at the State Conservatory in 1963-1969, artist B.Chintogtokh majored in Fine Arts at the Mongolian National University of Education in 1971-1975, with ‘Spring’, and ‘Marzan Sharav’ as the topics for his diploma work.

He also worked as a teacher specializing in Mongolian art at the School of Fine Arts from 1977 to 1987.

Description written by Arts researcher O.Sosor

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