Severe weather events caused loss worth MNT7.6 billion in 2020

2021-01-26 15:50:50

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Last year, there were 90 severe weather events and 11 catastrophic occurrences reported in Mongolia. According to the National Agency for Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring, there were 19 heavy storms, 13 windstorms, 4 heavy snowfalls, 7 cold snaps, 11 heavy rains, 10 hailstorms and 15 thunderstorms.

Due to the disastrous events, 15 people died, 14 people got injuries, 11,955 head of livestock perished, 7 roads and bridges damaged, 976 ger dwellings, fences, and the roofs of 17 buildings collapsed, 7 power poles fell and 11,339 hectares of farmland got affected. As a result, the country suffered loss of MNT 7.6 billion.