Western region refined coal factory to be moved to Nalaikh district

2021-02-08 14:20:48

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Deputy Prime Minister S.Amarsaikhan, Minister of Energy N.Tavinbekh and Advisor to the Prime Minister L.Altangerel visited refined coal briquette factory of “Tavan Tolgoi Tulsh” LLC on February 7.

Executive Director of “Tavan Tolgoi Tulsh” Company M.Ganbaatar provided information on the factory's operation and evaluation on air quality indicators compared to the same period of previous year.

A study conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency on Ulaanbaatar city's air quality concluded that indication of sulfur dioxide in Ulaanbaatar city was lower than permissible level according to international standard. The sources of sulfur dioxide volume in air quality of the capital city are thermal power plants (70 percent), moto vehicles used more than 10 years  (22.3 percent) and smog emitted from refined coal briquettes (8.7 percent).

“In the frame of a goal to reduce air pollution, the refined coal briquette factory was built in Tolgoit in 2018 relying upon ready infrastructure. And it had been planned to find other solution during its operational process. Within the framework of ensuring environmental safety, we project to move the western regional factory to Nalaikh district within the third quarter of this year. The issue will be discussed at the Cabinet meeting and a working group will be set up,” the Deputy PM said.

He also assigned Energy Minister N.Tavinbekh and Executive Director of Tavantolgoi Tulsh Company M.Ganbaatar to formulate blueprint and plan on using this area as refined coal sales point after completing translocation and taking measures on ensuring environmental safety by eliminating dust and making rehabilitation.  

Incidentally, the second plant for refined coal briquettes with up-to-date technology was established in Nalaikh district last year. It is expected to cause less adverse impact to the environment as its manufacturing process including receiving raw material (coking coal), coal crushing and screening runs underground.

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