State Emergency Commission convenes

2021-02-20 21:43:51

The State Emergency Commission discussed how the strict lockdown will be eased at its meeting held today, on February 20. After the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister, Head of the State Emergency Commission S.Amarsaikhan presented the commission’s decisions.

According to the Deputy PM, the commission determined 4 levels of restrictions for COVID-19 control, with level 4 being the strictest one and level 1 requiring nothing other than compliance with COVID-19 prevention guidelines and measures, and approved regulations setting out what activities and businesses are allowed to/not allowed to operate during each one. 95 percent of all businesses will resume normal operations from February 23 as Ulaanbaatar moves into level 2. Specifically, all businesses and activities, other than competitions, group trips (except family ones), clearance sales and fairs, nightclubs, gaming centers, and indoor play centers, are allowed to operate from February 23.

There are also plans to reopen rural educational institutions in phases beginning March 10 and preparations including decontaminating dormitories and classrooms will be made until then to protect students from the risk of contracting the virus.

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