Mongolia supplying 45 percent of unprocessed cashmere in global market

Economy | Agriculture
2021-04-15 10:22:37

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. In 2021, Mongolia is estimated to prepare about 9,700 tons of cashmere. As 60-70 percent of total cashmere goes through primary processing before being exported, a special focus is being given on reducing the export of low-level processed goods and increasing the production and export of value-added products.

Despite supplying 45 percent of the unprocessed cashmere in the global market, products with the label ‘Made in Mongolia’ currently take about 10 percent of cashmere products in the market. The label is aimed to promote the features of Mongolian cashmere to the global market, increase its value and competitiveness, and increase the income of not only manufacturers but also local herders through the production of value-added final products.

As of December 2020, the amount of cashmere for export reached USD 243.5 million. Of the total cashmere, 76 percent were washed and 7 percent were processed, while 17 percent were final products.

About the ‘Mongolian Noble Fibre’ certification mark:

To guarantee the product quality for consumers, to increase the value of Mongolian wool and cashmere products and certify them, the Mongolian Noble Fibre certification mark was created which:

• defines the advantages of fibre sourced from Mongolia,

• guarantees that the fibre meets required standards,  

• guarantees quality assessment in all stages starting from preparation of commodities to manufacturing of final products,

• as well as the introduction of environment and livestock-friendly practices in production. 


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