‘Golden brush-15’ exhibition wraps up

2021-05-13 10:50:02

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Union of Young Artists (UYA) at the Union of Mongolian Artists (UMA) organized the annual ‘Gold brush’ exhibition virtually and held the awards ceremony yesterday.

Artist L.Ochirsukh won ‘Golden brush’ trophy with his ceramic art entitled, ‘Land’, receiving cash prize and certificate to use the UMA studio for a year. As for the ‘Audience Choice Award’, it went to S.Baljinnyam.

Director of the Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture B.Sergelen, President of the UMA B.Tumurbaatar, Chairman of the UYA S.Zesee, and a leading member N.Otgonbat presented the awards to the winners.

'Land' by L.Ochirsukh

During the awards ceremony, L.Ochirsukh said, “I would like to remind everyone with my work that trees are being cut down all over the world and used for the development of the humankind. Trees take a very long time to grow and have the power to give life to humans and animals. The work is made of clay, and a gold lacquer was used for the cracked part, depicting that every piece of wood is valuable”.

'Eight Lakes', 85x130, by S.Baljinnyam