Mongolia is leading the world in cryptocurrency adoption

2021-05-14 18:25:37

Today, nine-tenths of the world's money is just numbers on a computer. In Mongolia alone, about seven percent of all money is stored in banknotes in cash and the remaining 93 percent in non-cash or digital format. We all know that digital money in people's accounts can be a means of payment, even if it is not real.

So what is the next evolution of digital money? More and more economists say that electronic algorithms based on cryptocurrency or blockchain technology will replace fiat currency soon. It has already started with more than 4,200 cryptocurrencies currently listed on CoinMarketCap, the largest crypto database platform globally. ArdCoin, a Mongolian loyalty reward project based on blockchain technology, has climbed to the top 500 of this list. The main reason for the project's success is that it has opened up numerous opportunities for Mongolians that were not feasible before. Such as:

     Listings on international crypto exchanges

     Ability to trade ArdCoin for fiat currencies such as MNT, USD, and other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum.

     Through ArdCoin, Mongolian nationals living abroad can access financial services from Mongolia

     Anyone can invest from anywhere in the world

ArdCoin opened up several new ways to earn alternative income and build wealth for many Mongolians. These came at the most fortunate time for many people, whose businesses had stagnated for a long time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly clear that demand and value will increase as ArdCoin's liquidity and uses increase.

Also, ArdCoin is the most widely used blockchain-based loyalty program in the world. For example, Ard estimates that one in three Mongolians own ArdCoin.