Primary market trading of ‘Invescore Bond’ went successfully

2021-06-18 11:54:51

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Primary market trading of the first tranche of ‘Invescore Bond’ with face value of MNT 100,000 with annual interest rate of 13% and 2-year maturity issued by ‘Invescore NBFI’ JSC, listed at Tier II at MSE went successfully. The subscription period of this bond was in period between June 14 and June 16, 2021.

A total of 11 strategic investors and 61 individuals participated in the trading and subscribed for MNT14.0 billion, which was 75.5% more than offered. According to the allocation plan, orders up to MNT 10.0 million was fully filled, and the remaining amount was allocated in proportion of 39.4%.

The right to redeem extra payment shall be effective upon FRC’s declaration successful completion of bond`s primary market.

Source: Mongolian Stock Exchange