Mongolian students win two silver and one bronze medal from International Chemistry Olympiad

2021-08-03 13:30:16

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The International Chemistry Olympiad was organized virtually in Higashi-osaka, Japan from July 24 to August 2. With 312 students from 79 countries competing in the Olympiad, the Mongolian team of students has been awarded with two silver and one bronze medals as well as one honorable mention. 

On the international level, there are six main Olympiads that are organized for students which include mathematics, informatics, chemistry, biology, physics, and geography.

This year, Mongolian students participated in all of the international Olympiads except for the International Geography Olympiad, winning a total of two gold, six silver, seven bronze medals and four students awarded with honorable mentions.

Compared to the previous annual average of 3-5 students winning awards from international Olympiads, Mongolian students have had an exceptional run this year, with 19 awards.

In aims of continuing to have students participate in international Olympiads despite the pandemic situation, the Minister of Education had issued an order to establish a working group in charge of selecting the students and preparing them for the Olympiads.