Updated Desertification Map of Mongolia developed

2021-09-02 16:39:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The National Agency of Meteorology and Environment has recently published the ‘Atlas of Desertification in Mongolia, 2020’ (Монгол орны цөлжилтийн атлас, 2020 он).


The depiction of desertification on the map of Mongolia shows that 76.9 percent of the country’s total territory has been affected by desertification to a certain degree. More specifically, 31.5 percent of the territory of Mongolia has been assessed to be affected by ‘weak’ level of desertification, with 22.1 percent as ‘medium’, 18.6 percent as ‘strong’, and 4.7 percent as ‘very strong’ levels. 


At the request of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the work for developing the atlas for soil degradation and desertification in Mongolia was carried out over the course of one year.


The map was drawn based on statistics and data for desertification gathered over the past 20-40 years.

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