Military personnel to transport goods and freight to Zamiin-Uud

2022-01-11 11:12:15

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On January 10, Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs Kh.Nyambaatar informed that freight will be transported from the Mongolia-China border to Zamiin-Uud by 200 professional drivers at police agencies, border patrol, and emergency departments.


During a press conference, he said, “Containers to be delivered to Mongolia are currently being kept by the Customs of Erlian city, PRC. A Chinese company named, ‘Sino Trans’, is in charge of transporting the freight to the Mongolia-China border. There are currently 7,000 drivers that can be mobilized to bring the freight into the country. However, as it is impossible to have all of the drivers strictly follow infection prevention guidelines, it was decided to have 200 professional drivers currently employed at state special organizations to transport the freight from the border to Zamiin-Uud border checkpoint, and have the 7,000 drivers transport the freight from Zamiin-Uud to Ulaanbaatar. Test runs for transportation will commence tomorrow."