Water sources in Tsetserleg, Arkhangai placed under sanitary control

2022-01-11 16:00:20

Arkhangai /MONTSAME/ The Orkhon-Chuluut river basin administration has placed areas around water supply sources in Tsetserleg, Arkhangai under sanitary control. Sanitary control areas of 50 meters around rivers, springs and lakes have been taken under special protection in 19 soums of the aimag to protect the water sources from pollution and depletion, prevent floods, and safeguard the water supply sources.


As stated in article 22.1 of the law of Mongolia on water, sanitary control zones of special and regular protection are established around water bodies and water sources to protect them against water depletion and pollution and to prevent flood.


Special protection zones are established at least 50 meter from the water source, while regular protection zones are established at least 200 meters from the water source.


In the special and regular protection zones, it is prohibited to carry out various activities including topsoil erosion, cut down of trees, exploitation of sand, gravel and stones, dumping untreated wastewater and waste, conducting research, creating wells and boreholes for water other than drinking water, applying fertilizers and pesticides, setting up gas stations, washing vehicles, storing and processing animal raw materials, building and using housing and industrial facilities, granting land ownership, possession and use rights, allowing outsiders, placing vehicles and other equipment, grazing livestock, and running a farming business.