Russian companies holding meetings with local authorities to discuss gas pipeline project

2022-04-05 15:41:17

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The natural gas pipeline connecting Russia and China will go through the territory of Mongolia, passing through six aimags for a total distance of 962.9 km. As an agreement has been signed between the sides of Mongolia and Russia on conducting studies for the project, the Russian companies in charge of carrying out the works have begun to hold their first meetings with the side of Mongolia - local governing bodies. 


The first meetings took place in Darkhan-Uul and Tuv aimags. As 38.3 km of the gas pipeline will be passing through Darkhan-Uul aimag, representatives of Russia’s ‘Gazoprovod Soyuz Vostok’ and ‘Soyuz Vostok’ companies as well as ‘Erdenes Gas’ project held a meeting with the aimag's authorities last week. During the meeting, they discussed issuing a permission to conduct an engineering study for the project, sharing information on entities that run operations near the gas pipeline’s location, and appointing an official to be in charge of project cooperation. 

Aside from Ulaanbaatar city, the natural gas pipeline will pass through a total of 20 soums in six aimags, which includes Selenge, Darkhan-Uul, and Dornogobi. 

CEO of ‘Gazoprovod Soyuz Vostok’ LLC Ye.N.Aseev said, “This is one of the first meetings we are holding with Mongolia’s aimag governors and authorities. It is fully possible for the local workforce to be involved in the initial works to be carried out for the gas pipeline. Furthermore, it is also possible for construction materials to be locally supplied.”

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