Studies being conducted on international staging of ‘Tamgagui Tur’ play

Art & Culture
2022-05-18 10:42:41

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Minister of Culture Ch.Nomin met with the artists who are performing in the play, ‘Tamgagui Tur’ (State Without a Seal) at the State Academic Theater of Drama, informing them about the plan to bring the play to the international stage.


The play, ‘Tamgagui Tur’, written by People's Writer, State Prize laureate, Honored Cultural Worker of Mongolia Bavuugiin Lkhagvasuren is currently being staged as a physical theater performance under the direction of B.Baatar. The Ministry of Culture, the Mongolian Grand Theater of National Arts, the State Academic Theater of Drama, ‘Hero’ Entertainment, and ‘Khuvisal’ Production co-produced the physical theater performance of the classical Mongolian piece within public-private partnership. With the use of state-of-the-art stage technology, audiences can enjoy several types of theater arts.

The Government action plan for 2020-2024 reflects intensifying enlightenment activities, developing the creative cultural industry that contain features of the country’s heritage, creating a national brand, and increasing the socio-economic benefits of arts and culture.

The piece, demonstrating the Mongolian people’s heritage and its unique features, has the full potential of bringing economic benefits. Alongside the Government’s objective to develop creative cultural industries, the President’s policy and plan of action includes developing a national brand of culture and arts by supporting the industry in order to promote Mongolia’s heritage to the world.  Within the framework of this policy, the Ministry of Culture undertook to put emphasis on promoting the works created by Mongolian artists to the international market, and is studying the possibility to bring the play ‘Tamgagui Tur’ to the international stage,” said Minister of Culture Ch.Nomin.