Mongolians abroad join ‘One Billion Trees’ national movement

2022-07-07 16:15:26

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Mongolians living abroad have joined the national movement 'One Billion Trees' initiated by the President of Mongolia.

They will establish the ‘World Mongolians’ garden on 50 hectares of area located in the National Garden Park in Ulaanbaatar and plant trees of 36 species. A foundation-laying ceremony of the garden took place on July 6. The project was initiated by G. Galbadrakh, head of the ‘Mongols in America’ movement.

Mongolians abroad are able to participate in the project named ‘World Mongolians Garden’ being built within the framework of the ‘One Billion Trees’ national movement by donating through the ‘Sendly money transfer’ financial institution. “With help of the application that will be introduced soon, Mongolians living abroad will able to see how their trees are cared for and protected,” said G.Galbadrakh.

The ‘World Mongolians Garden’ is supported by the financial organization ‘Sendly money transfer’ and ‘Whistleblowers’ NGO.