2023 announced as the Year of Visit Khuvsgul

2022-10-05 11:38:46

Khuvsgul/MONTSAME/. The Citizens’ Representative Khural of Khuvsgul aimag decided to announce 2023 as the ‘Year of Visit Khuvsgul’ with aims to develop the sustainable tourism relied on the cultural and historical heritage and the natural environment. In this frame, tourism conferences and workshops will be organized, and activities such as ‘Ice Festival’, ‘Festival of Mother Alungoo's teachings’, ‘Tsaatan Festival’, ‘The yak festival’ and ‘White Horse Festival’ will be organized.


In Khuvsgul aimag, there are a total of 94 tour camps, 130 Ger Hotels, 8 hotels and 14 inns that can accommodate about 6,800 tourists at a time. The tourist camps in Khuvsgul usually operate seasonally, from June to August, during which 50,000 to 60,000 tourists arrive. In recent years, the number of domestic tourists has increased dramatically. This year, the aimag received 107,915 domestic tourists and 18,475 foreign tourists.


About 95 percent of tourists travel to Khuvsgul Lake National Park because it is one of the oldest and most beautiful lakes in the world and it has long been regarded as ‘Blue pearl of Mongolia’.

For four-season tourism development, a specific travel route covering natural and historical landscapes such as Darkhad depression, reindeer camps, ‘Queen Alungoo’s homeland’ and Dayan Deerkh Cave can be further established in the aimag.