“Khumuun Bichig” newspaper of MONTSAME celebrates 30th anniversary

2022-11-02 11:20:56

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/.  The “Khumuun Bichig” newspaper, published by national news agency MONTSAME, celebrated its 30th anniversary of establishment and 25th anniversary of its “Foremost Calligraphers of Mongolia” national traditional Mongolian script contest on October 31.


In the frame of the anniversary, the agency welcomed generations of winners of “Foremost Calligraphers of Mongolia”, elderly teachers, and researchers for the ceremony held at the “Khumuun Bichig” building.


On this occasion, the leadership of MONTSAME agency presented certificates and badges to the winners of the “Foremost Calligraphers of Mongolia” national competition. The national contest has been annually organized by the “Khumuun Bichig” newspaper since 1997. The winners of the competition are awarded the right to study at the National University of Mongolia and the Mongolian National University of Education with a scholarship and to travel abroad.


The first edition of the “Khumuun Bichig” newspaper was published and delivered to the readers on May 12, 1992. 25 years ago, the senior journalist of the newspaper, S. Tsetsegmaa, first initiated and organized the contest “Foremost Calligraphers of Mongolia.” Since then, more than 25,000 people participated in the competition, and 84 out of 196 winners were 12th-grade students who were awarded the right to study at universities with a scholarship.


The editor of the newspaper, B. Elbegzaya, underscored, “Throughout 30 years, the newspaper “Khumuun Bichig” has issued 1,308 editions and never skipped any issue during this period.”


The initiator of the competition, S. Tsetsegmaa, said, “When I was working at the “Khumuun Bichig” newspaper in 1995, I first initiated the “Foremost Calligraphers of Mongolia” to call on people to learn their traditional script and promote the beauty of it. The editor at that time of the newspaper, T. Galdan, welcomed my initiative and supported the conditions of the competition. In the 25 years since then, the scope of the competition has expanded not only in Mongolia but also abroad. I am proud of the competition which is looked forward annually by hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and became the most rewarding, effective, and fulfilling competition.


The “Khumuun Bichig” newspaper is one of the five weekly newspapers published by the MONTSAME agency, alongside the English “Mongol Messenger,” Russian “Novosty Mongolii,” Chinese “Menggu Xiaxi bao” and Japanese “Mongoru Tsuushin.”