Uvurkhangai Aimag Plans to Grow Its Population by 10 Percent

2023-01-24 16:56:17

Ovorkhangai, January 24 /MONTSAME/. In the framework of the Mongolian Government's “New Revival Policy”, the “Open Uvurkhangai'' program has been developed with the aim of keeping the balance of development of the city and the countryside.


On January 20, an open meeting was held among the local administrations, civil organizations, private sectors, and public representatives to share their suggestions for the program.


Uvurkhangai aimag is aiming to grow its population by 10 percent by developing its economy and creating a healthy living environment. In the last 10 years, over 40.000 people moved from Uvurkhangai to Ulaanbaatar. The main reasons are employment, education, health issues, divorce, and living environment.


Studies show that people who moved to the capital city have the desire to move back. Therefore, there is a need to improve the living condition and increase the workplaces immediately. The centerpiece of the program is also to improve the accessibility of government services, increase business opportunities, and improve the living conditions of those who want to move from Ulaanbaatar city to the aimag.


The following works will be carried out within the framework of the program:


-Research will be conducted on the branding of local tourism and services offered by the aimag will be diversified,

-Investment forums and conferences will be organized in the aimag,

-The process of giving land will be transparent, the land for the needs of tourism, trade, service, industry, agriculture, and family will be sufficiently planned,

-Root Cellar Storages which has a 500t capacity to store vegetables, and the first stage processing unit of the 5 kinds of livestock's hides and pelt will be built in Arvaikheer city,

-Intensive animal farming will be supported and livestock projects will be implemented.


In the framework of the “Open Uvurkhangai” program, forums, meetings, and events to promote the advantages of the aimag in the capital and other cities will be organized.