"Khumuun Bichig” is Now Available Worldwide

2023-02-02 11:04:46

Ulaanbaatar, February 2, 2023 /MONTSAME/.  “Khumuun Bichig,” the only newspaper published in the traditional Mongolian script by MONTSAME National News Agency, was added to the national knowledge electronic fund “Esan.”

From now on, the official news written in traditional Mongolian script are available online to traditional Mongolian script writers and anyone who wants to learn and practice the script.

The various kinds of Mongolian old and modern published works and materials, including books, newspapers, magazines, and academic studies, are stored in the national knowledge electronic fund. Moreover, members of the Esan have digitized over 30 thousand pieces of content according to the cooperation agreements with more than ten universities, 30 organizations, and one thousand writers. 

In order to preserve and promote our national language and pass our cultural heritage and history down to the next generations, the Government services will be started conducting in a dual script in 2025. MONTSAME agency has been publishing newspaper “Khumuun Bichig” for past 31 years to spread the Mongol script throughout the nation.  

During the awarding ceremony of the national contest “Mongolian Calligrapher 2022” organized by MONTSAME agency, noting the importance of digital solutions for conducting government services in a dual script, the President of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh remarked the vital role of the “Khumuun Bichig” in this initiative.To help translate this decision into reality, MONTSAME agency will make its weekly newspaper “Khumuun Bichig” a daily periodical in 2024.