Decisions Made at The Cabinet Session

2023-02-09 13:25:34

Ulaanbaatar, February 9, 2023 /MONTSAME/. During its regular session on February 8, 2023, the Cabinet made the following decisions: 
The Government declared 2023 as the “Year to Combat Corruption”

The Government of Mongolia declared 2023 as the “Year to Combat Corruption." In connection with this declaration, the Cabinet members, chairs of the Implementing Agencies of the Government, governors of aimags and capital city were tasked to ensure and thoroughly support the implementation of operations and measures taken for combating corruption.

The Government of Mongolia will lead the national commitment to combat corruption and strive to eradicate corruption through its five key operations.

Five “W” Operations to Combat Corruption:
One. Whistleblowing operation

 ●     To get a bill on protecting whistleblowers who are reporting corruption and misconduct for public interests approved at the spring session of the State Great Khural;

 ●     To encourage whistleblowing, to develop a zero-tolerance approach to corruption, and to gain public support for anti-corruption commitments;

 ●     To reduce bureaucracy in public services, to cooperate with and to protect legitimate interests of individuals and private sectors.
Two. Wiping-out Operation
●      Suppress consumption
s of people with political influence in excess of their legal income, create conditions for eliminating the practice of appointing people to positions in the civil service from the circle of acquaintances;
●      Mandatory prosecution for corruption and abuse of office, cleansing the civil service from persons implicated in such violation;
●     To wipe “parasites” out of public offices and state property;
●      To investigate and conclude corruption cases and misconduct promptly and completely within the framework of law ;
Three. Wasp Operation
●      To bring overseas fugitives back
to the jury within the framework of international agreements and Mongolian laws and to hold them responsible;
To expand the external cooperation of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies in the field of mutual legal assistance;
To protect investors’ interests.
Four. Wealth operation
To detect and seize illegal wealth hidden away in offshore areas and foreign countries;
To create a system for disclosing the confiscation of the asset and income linked to criminal activities, creating a fund, and spending it with public oversight.
Five. Wide-Open Operation

 ● To accelerate the digital transition, to ensure the transparency of public organizations, to eliminate bureaucracy, and to make all kinds of tender publicly open ;

 ● To transform the state-owned companies into public companies with public oversight and to appoint a skillful management team;

To enhance the legal environment of political parties, to make political and political parties’ funding transparent, and to improve of multi-party, democratic parliamentary power with fair competition.
●      To create an ethical and fair competitive environment and support clean and transparent business

The Mongolian Stock Exchange shall be responsible for market trade of mining products

In connection with the market trade of mining products, the board of directors of the MSE was tasked to renew the charter of “The Mongolian Stock Exchange” JSC, to carry out preparatory works to meet infrastructure, management, organizational, and human resources criteria and requirements, specified in the Law on Market Trade of Mining products, and to develop relative procedures. 

In 2023, loans worth MNT 500 Billion shall be issued for cashmere production

In recent years, the Government of Mongolia has been issuing soft loans to increase the competitiveness of national cashmere producers in the raw material market and assist them with current assets. 

           To that extent, the Cabinet has decided to issue soft loans worth up to MNT 500 billion (five hundred billion) sourced by international organizations such as International Finance Corporation and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and commercial banks, to cashmere producers.

Brief News

 · The procedure for open recruitment for vacancies in state-owned legal entities has been approved. The purpose of this procedure is to implement a policy to recruit professional and skilled people in state-owned legal entities and to increase productivity by improving operational efficiency and governance.

 · The Government’s resolution to determine arable farming regions has been amended and some new regions have been added, such as Bayan-Airag and Zuunturuun bags of Baruunturuun soum, Khandgait and Tokhilog bags of Davst soum, Dalanbulag and Jargalan bags of Zuunkhangai, Bayanmandal and Bayankhairkhan bags of Malchin soum, Tsaluu bag of Undurkhangai soum, five bags of Sagil soum, Khukhuu, Kharkhiraa, Tarvagatai, and Burgastai bags of Tarialan soum, two bags of Turgen soum, Nuragt bag of Mes soum and Khangai bag of Khyargas soum in Uvs aimag.
All kinds of unprocessed hides and skins will be exported from January 2023 to the end of 2024.


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