“Blue Pearl” Ice Festival

About Mongolia
2023-03-04 14:37:58

Ulaanbaatar, March 4, 2023 /MONTSAME/. It is the third day of the “Blue Pearl” Ice Festival in Khuvsgul aimag. This year, about 300 foreign tourists and representatives from ten countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the USA, and over 20 thousand domestic tourists came to Khuvsgul to participate in the festival.

Specifically, U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia, Richard. L. Buangan, the Deputy Head of the Japanese Embassy in Mongolia Kikuma Shigeru, guests and representatives from the Tejon City of South Korea, and a corresponding team of KCBN TV of RoK participated.

The Governor of the Khuvsgul aimag Sh. Iderbayasgalan opened the ice festival, and in his speech, he said, “In respect to the announcement of 2023-2025 as the “Years to Visit Mongolia” by the Government of Mongolia, our aimag is aiming to increase the income of the tourism industry up to 30 percent.

In implementing the government’s goals, Khuvsgul aimag announced 2023 as the “Year to Visit Khuvsgul.” The number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting the pristine nature of specially protected areas such as the Khordol Sardag Mountains, Khuvsgul Lake, Ulaan Taiga, and Dayan Caves of Northern regions is growing each year. The aimag has the capacity to receive 7,000 tourists at a time in 94 tourist camps, 132 guest houses, 8 hotels, and 15 inns.