Exploring Deer Stone Monuments from the Bronze Age

2023-11-16 15:30:57

Ulaanbaatar, November 16, 2023 /MONTSAME. An exhibition "Deer Stone Monuments of Mongolia" was displayed at the National Museum of Mongolia on November 15, 2023. The Exhibition will be open to the public until December 15, 2023.

Deer stones, unique monuments dating back to the Bronze Age, are a valuable heritage of the nomads of Central Asia. Mostly found in Mongolia and some Central Asian countries, these stones represent ceremonial and funerary practices, sacrificial rituals and ideologies, and highly stylized engravings of stags that were widespread among ancient nomads.

The Deer Stone Monuments and Related Bronze Age Sites in Mongolia were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List at the extended 45th session of the World Heritage Committee on September 10-25, 2023.


The Exhibition presents archaeological findings depicting deer, stone figures of deer and their replicas, clothing, and accessories decorated with images of deer, deer bones, and antlers. In addition, contemporary artwork pieces with compositions of deer and stone deer figures make the "Deer Stone Monuments of Mongolia" Exhibition distinctive to attract more visitors.


The Exhibition also demonstrates the special design of deer figures using digital VR and AR devices, and there are educational programs for people with disabilities, lectures for the public by scholars studying deer stones, themed tours, and family programs.