Prime Minister Initiates New Travel Route “People with Blue Spots”

2024-03-29 16:10:48

Ulaanbaatar, 2024 March 29 /MONTSAME/. During the Working Visit to the Republic of Korea, Prime Minister of Mongolia Oyunerdene Luvsannamsrai participated in the launching ceremony of the “GoMongolia” national tourism branding that was organized on March 28, 2024, in Seoul city.

In February of 2023, the Years to Visit Mongolia started with the “Welcome to Mongolia” event during the official visit of the Prime Minister of Mongolia Oyunerdene Luvsannamsarai to the Republic of Korea. The Prime Minister expressed gratitude to tourism sector investors, hotels, air transport companies, media, artists, directors, and producers in film art, social network influencers, and content makers.

In 2023, Mongolia ranked 22nd in the world with its economic growth of 8 percent, and the GDP of the country expanded twice. The growth that has been driven by not only mining but also the tourism sector is an important indicator, Prime Minster noted. “One out of three tourists who visited Mongolia in 2023, was from the Republic of Korea. The Government of Mongolia created the legal environment for non-visa entry for the citizens of the Republic of Korea. We will continue it.”

Mongolian children’s and youths’ favorite Korean famous singers, and actors made TV programs and content about their travel experience in Mongolia. ‘A survey suggests that today, one out of three media channels in South Korea broadcast about Mongolia,” the Prime Minister of Mongolia mentioned and expressed gratitude to Koreans for their significant contribution to the promotion of Mongolia.

Prior, Mongolia conducted flights to 26 destinations in 10 countries, while in 2023 it became possible to carry out flights to 155 destinations in 42 countries. In 2024, the country will conduct flights to 379 destinations in 52 countries. With the Air Agreement between Mongolia and the Republic of Korea, the parties agreed to constantly increase the flight frequencies in stages, and start the direct domestic flights.

Mongolia pays special attention to tourist safety, and public services have been simplified and digitalized.  The digital governance index of Mongolia moved up by 18 places and set a good example in the world.

Also, the “Starlink” high-speed internet service has been put into operation in the countryside in Mongolia, informed at the event.

Premier Oyun-Erdene announced that he is initiating opening of a new Mongolian-Korean joint travel route under the name “People with Blue Spots”, in which the USA, the Republic of India, the European Union, and countries in Central Asia can join.

During the working visit in the Republic of Korea, Prime Minister of Mongolia Oyunerdene Luvsannamsrai will hold meetings with Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea Han Duck-soo, and representatives of the tourism sector of the Republic of Korea.