Badrakh Energy Supports Well-being of Communities

2024-03-29 13:24:15

Ulaanbaatar, March 29, 2024. /MONTSAME/.  On March 28, 2024 Badrakh Energy, in collaboration with local authorities of Ulaanbadrakh soum of Dornogobi aimag, unveiled the results of social projects that were successfully undertaken last year. The event noted the presence of G.Ganburen, Governor of Ulaanbadrakh soum, U.Sod-Erdene, Vice- Governor, B.Khishigbayar, Head of soum Governor’s Office, Ch.Tumenjargal, Head of Citizens’ Assembly,  D.Gantur, Governor of bag 2, and management and relevant specialists of Badrakh Energy. Since 2006, a total of 8.3 billion MNT has been invested in socio-economic projects, with 4.4 billion MNT dedicated specifically to projects in Ulaanbadrakh soum.

In 2018, Badrakh Energy signed a Cooperation Agreement with the governors of Ulaanbadrakh soum and Zuunbayan bag, and agreed to focus on the following sectors: Human and Animal Health, Education, Economic Development, and Water and Energy Access.

In 2023, the company's initiatives contributed significantly to the social and economic development of local communities:

-          Human Health: A major repair project was completed at the Ulaanbadrakh Health Center, ensuring residents receive quality healthcare services and access to general clinical tests at the soum.

-                Water Access: The delivery of a water truck equipped with firefighting, sanitation, and dust suppression equipment – which can be used in emergency situations – bolstered water delivery capabilities of Ulaanbadrakh Administration.

-              Energy Access: Collaboration with state-owned enterprise Chandmani Ilch facilitated the purchase of a new Furnace Heater for the residential heating in Zuunbayan bag of Sainshand soum, effectively addressing a critical emergency situation.

-           Education: We have implemented a scholarship program to support the education of children and youth since 2010, and in 2023, students from Zuunbayan and Ulaanbadrakh were awarded scholarships totaling over 73.5 million MNT. Aadditionally, we provided a fully furnished van to the school in Ulaanbadrakh soum.

-       Livestock reconstitution project: In 2023, we expanded the project, in implementation since 2007, to include 10 new households, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 134 households.

Not only limited to the Cooperation Agreement, Badrakh Energy partnered with the United Veterinary Association and conducted "Comparative Studies of Animal Health" at the level of three soums of the province and "Livestock Abnormal Development" studies at the national level for the second time. Findings affirmed once again that livestock health of Ulaanbadrakh do not differ from other regions, and that the abnormality rate in Dornogovi province  is lower than the nation’s average.

Additionally, Badrakh Energy and Orano Mining allocated 500 million MNT to mitigate the consequences of zud (severe winter conditions) and restore livestock numbers. Of this, 300 million MNT was donated to the Dornogobi Emergency Commission, with 200 million MNT donated to the Mongolian Red Cross Society. The donation ceremony noted the presence of O.Batjargal, Governor of Dornogobi aimag, Kh.Khongorzul, Head of aimag Governor’s Office, Ts.Sodkhuu, Head of State treasury department, G.Bat-Erdene, colonel and head of the NEMA in Dornogobi aimag and the management of  Badrakh Energy.

In January 2023, Badrakh Energy donated 25 tons of animal feed to the Ulaanbadrakh soum Emergency Commission of Dornogobi, where the company's Zuuvch Ovoo project is located. This month, a further 25 tons of animal feed are distributed to herders.