One Billion Trees: "Energy Resources" LLC Plants over 150 Thousand Trees

2024-05-07 10:53:32

Ulaanbaatar, May 7, 2024/MONTSAME/. Since the launch of the "One Billion TreesNational Campaign, "Energy ResourcesLLC, located in Tsogttsetsii soum, Umnogobi aimag, has planted over 150,000 trees.

A Working Group established by the order of the Office of the President of Mongolia to boost the implementation of the "One Billion TreesNational Campaign worked in the “Energy Resources” Company on May 7, 2024.

Energy Resources LLC has actively participated in tree-planting initiatives across Mongolia:

Windbreak Establishment: In 2022, the company planted 90,000 elm trees in a windbreak project located 7 km north of Tsogtsetsii soum, Umunogobi aimag.

Gobi Desert Afforestation: In 2023, it planted 10,000 haloxylon trees in Bayandalai soum, Umunogobi aimag, to contribute to the afforestation efforts in the Gobi Desert.

Public Green Space Development: “Energy Resources” planted 30,000 trees of various species, including elms, aspen, Elaeagnus, and Tamarisk, in Tsogtsetsii soum to create a public green space for the community.

Bogd Khan Mountain Greenification: At the Khurkhree Valley of Bogd Khan Mountain, it planted 2,517 coniferous and deciduous trees to contribute to the green space development in the area.

Agricultural Land Protection: To protect agricultural fields on the Chandgana Tal steppe in Khentii aimag, the company planted 17,000 aspen and elm trees in a shelterbelt.

To foster Mongolia's "One Billion Trees" Campaign, “Energy Resources” LLC pledged to plant and grow 40 million trees. To achieve this ambitious goal, the company collaborated with the NGO "Union of Professional Associations of the Forest Industry of Mongolia" to develop a preliminary technical and economic feasibility study.

Therefore, “Energy Resources” Company plans to plant 36.5 million trees across the Bogd Khan mountain area and in the Umnogobi and Khentii aimags. This initiative aims at reducing forest loss and degradation and increasing forest areas. Additionally, 0.5 million trees will be planted to maintain and enhance the ecological balance of settlements and to promote urban afforestation.

In 2024, "Energy ResourcesLLC is committed to planting 20,000 larch trees in the Khurkhree Valley of Bogd Khan Mountain and 10,000 haloxylon trees in Bayandalai soum of Umnugobi aimag. The company uniquely contributes to conservation efforts by planting the rare Tooroi, or Populus diversifolia, which is listed in the Red Book of Mongolia—a comprehensive guide to Mongolia's endangered and protected species. Additionally, "Energy ResourcesLLC aims at establishing Tooroi groves as part of the "One Billion TreesNational Campaign.

In the future, to establish a reserve of Gobi tree saplings and ensure resource availability, Energy Resources LLC is expanding its tree nursery operations in Tsogtsetsii soum, Umunogobi aimag. The company is preparing to increase its annual production of tree seedlings to 50,000.

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