Newly appointed Ministers of PM U.Khurelsukh's Cabinet

2017-10-20 10:18:18
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On October 18-19, the Parliament discussed and appointed fifteen Ministers of the Cabinet of Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh.

Following the dismissal of Prime Minister J.Erdenebat’s Cabinet in early September, Deputy Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh was appointed the 30th Prime Minister of Mongolia on October 4.

Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh did not alter the structure of the previous Cabinet, and proposed new candidates instead, who have been backed by the Mongolian People’s Party-ruled Parliament.

Prior to the Parliament meeting, President Kh.Battulga expressed disapproval towards the appointment of Ch.Khurelbaatar as Minister of Finance, but consented the other fourteen candidates. On the other hand, Parliamentary Standing Committees approved all candidates. As such, the new Cabinet now has the full authority to administer the executive branch. The new Cabinet is fully composed of Parliament members.

Parliament members brought up a number of issues and questions to the candidates during the plenary meeting, which was televised live and extended on both Wednesday and Thursday. Following are highlight statements of the new Ministers upon appointment:

Deputy Prime Minister – Enkhtuvshin Ulziisaikhan (voted up by 84.1 percent)

“The corresponding organizations are investigating the alleged MNT 60 billion audio tape controversy. The results of the investigation should be presented to the Parliament. I think that the details should publicized if public positions were really traded,” the Minister said.

Head of Cabinet Secretariat – Zandanshatar Gombojav (voted up by 88.1 percent)

“I agree that the productivity of state-owned companies should be increased. I will work on reduction of unnecessary expenditure, and focus on professionalism in public service. Public service should essentially be professional and stable. We can’t shake up the public service in the name of new blood,” the Minister said.

Minister of Environment and Tourism – Tserenbat Namsrai (voted up by 88.2 percent)

“Air pollution has become a trouble for everyone. I aim to reduce air pollution with the help of three means – building apartments, using natural gas and providing heat. Last winter, a measure to offer night-time electricity discount was taken, benefitting 114 thousand residents, and it will continue this winter as well. We need time to see the results of our actions,” the Minister said.

Minister of Defense - Enkhbold Nyamaa (voted up by 84.1 percent)

“Military service is compulsory for those aspiring to be civil servants. I believe that there is a need to extend the length of military service to two years. When it comes to defense sector, 60-70 percent is dependent upon foreign relations. I will ensure Mongolia’s continued engagement and contribution to international peacekeeping operations,” the Minister said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Tsogtbaatar Damdin (voted up by 98.3 percent)

“There are countries with a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which is a suitable alternative for small nations. We’ve been receiving foreign aid and assistance with the help of diplomatic tools. There are opportunities for diplomatic missions abroad to attract investment. I will focus on the Economic Corridor Program, and coordinate with the other Ministries,” the Minister said.

Minister of Finance – Khurelbaatar Chimed (voted up by 89.9 percent)

“In order to relieve the budget, I will work efficiently within the existing laws and regulations, promote investment, shorten unnecessary expenditure of the Government and intercept illegal activities,” pledged the Minister.

Minister of Labor and Social Protection – Chinzorig Sodnom (voted up by 89.7 percent)

“Teachers and doctors have been warning about a strike, therefore, I am planning to hold a trilateral meeting. I believe that there’s a necessity to increase the salary of public servants. But we can’t increase wage in compliance with the Extended Fund Facility program. Therefore, I will focus on increasing the real income,” the Minister said.

Minister of Justice and Home Affairs – Nyamdorj Tsend (voted up by 89.9 percent)

“I will do everything in my power to declassify S.Zorig’s murder case which has been unsolved for 25 years. Justice Minister is responsible for making sure that the Cabinet makes no illegal decision, and I will do my best. I will also assist the Prime Minister in ensuring that no politically incorrect decision is adopted,” he said.

Minister of Construction and Urban Development – Badelkhan Khavdislam (voted up by 87.5 percent)

“I think that Tuv aimag should be an administrative center and Ulaanbaatar the industrial-commercial center. About 92 thousand people live in apartment thanks to the Housing Mortgage Loan. I will work on broadening the scope of Housing Mortgage Loan,” he said.

Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sport – Tsogzolmaa Tsedenbal (voted up by 90.8 percent)

“My priority is the three-shift issue in schools. About 10 thousand students are studying in three-shifts in 27 schools in the capital city,” she said.

Minister of Road and Transport Development – Bat-Erdene Jadamba (voted up by 88.1 percent)

“At present, there are four provincial capitals that aren’t connected to Ulaanbaatar by paved road and I will work on its completion. Connecting soum centers with the provincial capitals is a next issue. I will also focus on roads that will increase circulation of mining products,” he said.

Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry – Sumiyabazar Dolgorsuren (voted up by 89.6 percent)

“I will regulate illegal miners and activities of government organizations. I will develop responsible mining,” he said.

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry – Batzorig Batjargal (voted up by 88.1 percent)

“I will focus on ensuring winter preparedness fully. Moreover, my priority is meat export to Mongolia’s two neighbors,” he said.

Minister of Energy – Davaasuren Tserenpil (voted up by 89.4 percent)

“I will promote renewable energy. Eg River Hydro Power Plant project will contribute to the establishment of independent energy source in Mongolia, and the project should move forward,” he said.

Minister of Health – Sarangerel Davaajantsan (voted up by 90.8 percent)

“Mongolia imports 1,800 types of drugs from 45 countries and domestic production makes up only 20 percent of the demand. I will work on increasing this rate to 50 percent. My priority is the wage issue of doctors,” she said.
Brief biographies of the Ministers can be found on the 42nd issue of the Mongol Messenger.