Z.Bayanselenge and M.Zorigt appointed as Ministers

2015-09-10 12:02:26

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its plenary meeting held Tuesday, the irregular session of parliament discussed and adopted appointments of the Minister of Construction and Urban Development, and the Minister of Road and Transportation.

It was followed by selection of the Deputy Premier and other four Ministers at the plenary meeting on the same day.

With 93.1% votes of MPs, Bayanselenge Zangad was selected as the Minister of Construction and Urban Development, while Zorigt Monkhchuluun became the Minister of Roads and Transportation with 87.5% votes. Thus, the cabinet has included members of the "Justice" coalition, and three of the new Ministers are from the Democratic Party and other three are from the coalition. 

The Chairman of the State Great Khural (parliament) congratulated newly appointed Ministers, and wished them success in their duties.

A five-day break taken by the “Justice” coalition of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP) and the Mongolian National Democratic Party (MNDP) for considering a veto of the President over a bill on amnesty will end, therefore meetings of Standing committees and the irregular parliamentary session will run on September 15.   

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