Minister Jigjid| about Gatsuurt deposit

2015-09-15 17:08:13

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Minister of Mining R.Jigjid delivered a report on a state of affairs of the “Gatsuurt” gold deposit at the cabinet meeting Monday.

He said he had already got familiarized with the situation. The located in Selenge aimag’s Mandal soum deposit does not have clearly fixed number of state-owned shares of the deposit, "this has been hindering the exploitation works". Set up by an order of the PM working group and a professional organization have a conclusion that there are no an archeological findings on a special licensed field of the “Centerra Gold Mongolia” LLC. Meanwhile, the deposit has been occupied by private gold diggers, only during the September 10-11 night some 300 diggers literally attacked the area, even one was taken to hospital, he said. The locality's authorities and people have been asking related officials to stop the illegal exploitation of gold, the Minister noted.

Actually, the site is ready for the exploitation, he went on, but the diggers have been a big problem, which, in its turn, has been caused by a stagnant legal environment. The time has come to begin  putting the deposit into economic circulation, the Minister concluded.  


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