Standing committee postpones discussing drafts of resolutions and bills

2015-10-28 13:54:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its regular meeting on Wednesday, the parliamentary Standing committee on economy considered some parliamentary draft resolutions and a second discussion of bills on some budgets including the one for 2016.

After some comments, a majority of the gathered decided to postpone until next Wednesday a discussion of the drafts, as Ts.Nyamdorj MP proposed in principle--draft laws on the 2016 budget of Mongolia, on the 2016 budget for the Human Development Fund (HDF) and the 2016 budget for Social Insurance Fund (SIF). Submitted together with them, draft amendments to the laws on the state registration, on statistics, a draft resolution of parliament on renovating structures of state administrative bodies, and a draft amendment to the parliamentary resolution on approving basic guidelines on privatizing and reorganizing state properties will be discussed again as well.

The Standing committee also decided to postpone discussing of a draft resolution of parliament on fixing a size of the state’s shares in the “Gatsuurt” deposit, submitted by the cabinet this October 23. Nyamdorj MP said this resolution should not be discussed urgently," it must be postponed for a week scrutinizing". This was backed by 80% of the committee members.