Draft resolution submitted on taking some lands under special protection

2016-03-29 14:00:05

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ L.Erdenechimeg, Ts.Oyungerel and other MPs Tuesday submitted to parliament a draft resolution of parliament on taking some lands under state special protection.

By the resolution, mountains of Tost and Toson Bumba would be taken under the state special protection, and relevant studies and reasons would be made in order to implement several documents such as the Mongolian Millennium Development Goals-based (MMDGs) complex policy on national development and a policy on green development.

For working out this draft resolution, the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism had formulated reasons of taking the lands under special protection, together with scholars and researchers from the Geological Institute at the Academy of Sciences. Lines of the lands have been settled with a related institution as well.

If parliament approves the resolution, the total areas under the state special protection will expand by 896 thousand 527.44 hectares or 0.4%.