Products by Best Buidan in great demand

Mongolian Brands | Video
2017-03-15 13:04:00

Mongolian national manufacturer “Best Buidan” Company is producing more than 15,000 sofas and 2,000 other furnitures per year, while partnering with China’s “Hebei Chang An Plastics”, “Hong Yan Leather” and “OuNuoYa Textile” and Russia’s Viniltex and Lumitex companies.

In 2013, Best Buidan expanded its operations by establishing subsidiaries named “Best Style” in field of commerce, “Best House” in construction assembling and “Best Service” in maintenance of coaches and furniture. Best Buidan’s special set for living rooms is one of the factory’s most demanded product, which is distinguished from other brand of furniture by its unique designs inspired by Mongolian traditional style.

In Mongolia, where children and youth constitute over 60 percent of the population, living room coaches are children’s playing area and the favorite place to sit back and watch TV. Therefore, “Best Buidan” has always been trying to make the cushions, covers and wooden parts of coaches out of the best materials there are, and constantly tries to improve quality. The company, as a caregiver to the society, launched a much appreciated humanitarian project named “Call of Compassion”, through which 10 families in-need have been granted housing apartments of “Best House”.