Nomads’ ger innovated as puzzle game

Mongolian Brands | Video
2017-03-27 18:04:08

Mongolian puzzle game manufacturer ‘Taliin ezen’ LLC created a puzzle version of Mongolian ger (Yurt).

Anyone who’s been to Mongolia or is interested in the country can visit and get this ger in support of the project.

This innovative product allows a journey of mysterious nomadic culture. The product can make you feel the fondness of Mongolian blue sky, the vast steppe, the mountain range, the pristine nature, the wild wind, the charming smile and the hospitality of its people. The 11 times smaller version of Mongolian ger will not only introduce you to nomadic culture, but it will also benefit children’s intellectual development as a form of puzzle game.

Holding centuries of nomadic legacy, this ger can be built and moved whenever and wherever you are in the world.