Mongolian organic cosmetic products in demand

Mongolian Brands | Video
2017-03-09 16:44:13

A young mongolian girl in her early twenties created natural cosmetics brand for modern urbanized society. “Goo” (Beauty) brand of “Burkhanlig goo saikhan” (Godly beauty) company is already well known in Japan and the US.

The company produces 35 types of handmade organic cosmetic products for mongolians. The first Mongolian cosmetic franchise is not only blooming in Mongolia, but also has opened up branches in Japan and China as well. The internationally acclaimed Mongolian medical cosmetic brand distinguishes itself from other modern day brands as it uses organic materials such as fat from a sheep tail, seabuckthorn, rock salt, thistles and thyme as a base. 

Also, the company does not mix chemicals to increase the product’s age. For dry and sensitive skin, the company produces 20 kinds of new products for export, such as resin drops, resin body lotions, lip nutrition, face scrub with seabuckthorn and coffee, masks with seabuckthorn, ointments with lemon, collagen and honey, bath bomb for foot and bath salts with milk and rose.