‘Mongol Costumes’ - Brand maker from national costume Deel

Mongolian Brands | Video
2017-02-07 17:29:05

‘Mongol Costumes’ company, modern fashion brand maker from Mongolian traditional dress is working to design and produce some garments to be displayed at the National History museum.  Mongol Deel is an important component of Eastern culture like Japanese kimono, Indian sari or Korean hanbok. The company strives to make Mongolian modern Deel a world brand.

The company has become famous with its unique professionally-designed national dress made of texture and silk brought from India, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and China. The company also had presented the Mongolian national costumes on the world arena by organizing its exclusive fashion shows at the UN Headquarters in the U.S. and at the UNESCO Headquarters building in France.

‘Mongol Costumes’ has a tailoring factory, fashion salon, library, research center, fashion show hall and folk craft museum and its complex business project named “Mongol Costumes” is expanding year by year. Having organized fashion shows in some 20 countries all over the world, the company also has participated in international festivals and big events.

Their first success abroad was the Grand Prix of ‘Silk Road’ international festival in Russia in 2005. Thereon ‘Mongol costumes’ organized an exhibition ‘Fashion world-Mongolia’ in Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany in 2006, displayed its fashion collection in ‘Art Expo’ international fair in New-York, USA. The Grand Prix at the ‘Ethno Erato’ international competition held in Moscow, Russia is their achievement.  

‘Mongol Costumes’ company also organizes various fashion events among Mongol origin countries, including Inner Mongolia of China and Buryatia, Kalmykia and Tuva of Russia.