Mongolian Yokozuna outclasses all-time record-holders in professional sumo

2017-07-24 11:08:08
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ By winning July Nagoya Basho of professional sumo, Yokozuna Hakuho Sho, whose Mongolian name is Davaajargal Munkhbat broke all records in professional sumo, having claimed 1,050 career-wins and won 39 bashos (bimonthly tournaments). In 97 tournaments, Hakuho's career record now stands at 1,050 wins and 219 losses.

The previous record-holder of most career wins was retired Ozeki Kaio who beat his rivals in 1,047 bouts.

Professional sumo was introduced to Mongolians 20 years ago. Asashyoryu Dagvadorj, Harumafuji Byambadorj, Kakuryu Anand and Hakuho Davaajargal exceeded all expectations and reached the highest rank of the highest division of Japanese professional sumo, and became the 68th, 69th, 70th and 71st Yokozunas.