Mogoin Gol exports coal to China

2017-11-21 11:44:31
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mogoin Gol Company has expanded its mining operation and began exporting coal to China. The company started operating in 1971 to provide coal to Khuvsgul and Zavkhan aimags.

A reserve of the coal mine is estimated to be 12 million tons; roughly two million tons have been mined so far. The coal of this mine has high calorie and low ash content and hard and dense metallurgical coal, extracted from the depth of underground, is sorted out for export.

This year, the company set a goal to carry out an overburden removal on 500 thousand square meters, of which 480 thousand square meters have been executed and 100 thousand tons of coal have been extracted so far.  

A ton of coal is sold at MNT33,000 for users of Zavkhan and Khuvsgul aimags and MNT39,000 for Chinese market.
The company transports its coal by trucks from Mogoin Gol mine to Erdenet city and by train from Erdenet city to China.
M. Unurzul