Raw coal consumption to be banned

2018-03-01 13:35:41
During its meeting on Wednesday, the government took the decision to ban consumption of raw coal in Ulaanbaatar starting from May 15, 2019, in an effort to reduce air pollution. The decision will exclude companies with permission to operate power stations and thermal power plants.
S.Batbold, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar:
By prohibiting the consumption of raw coal in Ulaanbaatar, we will need to replace it with refined coal. We believe that the price should remain the same or be cheaper in order to prevent negative impacts on household economy.
It has been estimated that 600 thousand tons of briquettes can replace the current volume of raw coal consumed by the capital city residents. It means that a household that burns 4-5 tons of raw coal will consume 3 tons of briquettes in the heating season.
B.Tserenbat, Minister of Environment and Tourism:
Contract-based quota shares will be issued to companies producing refined coal. The contract will be extended in case of fulfillment of the contract duties, and the contract will be annulled for entities that failed.
The Cabinet sees that the replacement of raw coal by refined coal is expected to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thus resulting in the decrease of air pollution. About 202 thousand households in the ger areas of Ulaanbaatar burn 1.1 million tons of raw coal in winter, producing around 80 percent of smog in the city.
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