Nalaikh district challenged by instability of thermal power plant

2018-05-08 09:55:45
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The most pressing issues in Nalaikh district are lack of heat supply and apartment re-planning, according to its Governor Ch.Radnaabazar, who reported these issues during a meeting of the managerial staff of the capital city administration on May 7.
“Heating is a number one issue in the district with the Nalaikh Thermal Power Plant overworking its capacity. Since the demand increases every year, we are developing a project to expand the power plant,” he said.
As for apartment re-planning, there are 101 buildings and facilities built with engineering design and 32 two-storey buildings that were built between 1956-1957. “Dwelling in these buildings was prohibited by the General Agency for Specialized Inspection in 2014. This is a worrisome matter that the residents still live in these buildings today,” the Governor said.
Nalaikh district has a population of 37 thousand, majority of which are youths. “If we ensure the economic independence of Nalaikh district and establish an industrial and technological park, we could create 1,500 new jobs, increase the production of construction material twice on the national level and significantly benefit,” he highlighted.

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