Discussion on Fourth Industrial Revolution held

2018-05-08 13:13:28
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Mongolian Academy of Sciences held a scientific and practical conference on May 7, where scientists discussed Mongolia’s readiness for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The ‘Development of Mongolia during the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ conference was held in frames of the ongoing Innovation Week event, addressing Mongolia’s development in scope of public-private-scientific sector cooperation.
Scientists and academics delivered more than 10 presentations under topics such as the mining sector in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, educational and agricultural development in the 21st century, role of information and communication technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the future of healthcare services.
B.Avid (Ph.D) from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences highlighted the importance of preparing the human resource for the Fourth Industrial Revolution saying, “It is easy to build a facility or install a smart equipment. But it takes longer time to train the personnel to operate it. Mongolia must accomplish this.”
A.Tsanjid, (Ph.D) discussed innovation technology saying, “A sub-committee on innovation was formed under the Parliament, but the Mongolian Academy of Sciences must be the leading body in advancing innovation technology in Mongolia. Moreover, the education and science sectors must undergo reform. Mongolia must invest more into these spheres and cooperate with leading countries in terms of scientific development.”