Ministry of Environment framing official tour routes

2018-03-13 09:41:41
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Ministry of Environment and Tourism is working on official tour routes for sightseeing in Mongolia so as to increase the number of tourists visiting in a year.

On March 12, Minister of Environment and Tourism N.Tserenbat held a press conference to address timely issues. The Minister has recently attended ITB Berlin – 2018 in Germany.

Minister N.Tserenbat has set an objective to increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Mongolia to one million per annum. Answering a question about the main measures the Ministry is taking to achieve the goal, the Minister said, “Mongolia has been attending ITB-Berlin for the last 14 years. But other countries that have attended with us over the years saw visible growth in the tourism sector. Therefore, the Ministry is working to frame an official tour route, and have it adopted by the Cabinet this April. Approval of the route will clarify Mongolia’s tourism policy priorities. The Cabinet is working towards increase of tourism revenue.”

Moreover, the Ministry will organize an Open Week event on March 14-21. During the open week, the Ministry will create a database of all the complaints and requests forwarded by citizens to come up with recommendations on how to improve its functions. Visitors will be able to receive information on the Ministry’s current activities and measures taken in the sector.

Answering a question from the press regarding air pollution reduction measures, the Minister said, “Certain measures were approved to be taken to reduce air pollution, and some have been carried out. The National Committee for Environmental Pollution Reduction will meet this week to review its 2018 plan and activities.”

The Minister was also asked about the progress of the new wastewater treatment plant project and said, “There’s a working group at the Ministry in charge of the project, and other sub-working groups. Professional recommendations have been given regarding the environmental assessment, control of odor and transportation of silt. The working groups have not met to make a final decision.”