PM instructs to pay special attention on health and labor safety of drivers

2018-04-13 17:42:45
Umnugobi/MONTSAME/ Following working trip to Gantsmod border checkpoint of China, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh worked in Gashuunsukhait border checkpoint of Mongolia on April 12 and heard reports of officials in charge of border protection, customs, specialized inspection and immigration.   

The public servants at the border checkpoint requested Prime Minister to prioritize development of the border checkpoint, increase the staff and satisfy their social guarantee. In response, Finance Minister Ch.Khurelbaatar, who is accompanying the Prime Minister said, “The Government works to develop infrastructures of the border checkpoints thoroughly, plus improvement of social issues of their workers. During the PM’s visit to China, a document was signed to develop Zamyn-Uud and Gashuunsukhait border checkpoints of Mongolia with China’s non-refundable aid worth CNY148 million.”
At the meeting, the PM cautioned that public servants, especially those who work at border checkpoints shall adhere to displines and order and serve promptly without any misconduct and red tape.  The government receives many complaints, suggestions and petitions regarding the export of mining products including coal, copper concentrate and gold; thus the PM instructed relevant ministers to set up a joint working group of intelligence, police and border protection organizations to work in the checkpoint.

Moreover, he assigned relevant ministers to pay attention on health, labor safety and social insurance of drivers who transport coal and work closely with a relevant organization of China to shorten the term of crossing the border as much as possible.

The same day, the PM met drivers who transport coal and heard their opinion. Drivers said that although the number of crossing gates of Gashuunsukhait checkpoint increased and a distance of transporting coal shortened, fewer gates of Chinese checkpoint do not help the long queue to decrease much and they still spend days in their trucks.

According to the statistics, everyday 150 trucks of frontier trades, 200 trucks of copper concentrate and about 1200 trucks of coal transportation pass through Gashuunsukhait checkpoint.