May 4 events

2018-05-04 09:51:51
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The following events are expected on May 4:

07:30AM: Minister of Construction and Urban Development Kh.Badelkhan attends ‘Business Breakfast’ meeting

09AM: Deputy Prime Minister U.Enkhtuvshin meets with Vice Chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

09AM: ‘Flower Festival-2018’ event takes place in National Garden Park

09AM: An event ‘Drama and Theatre Arts and Cooperation’ takes place in the 2nd government building

09AM: The Mongolian State University of Education holds an international meeting ‘Quality of Education and Results’

09AM: An event named ‘It saves life’ takes place in connection with Global Hand Washing Day

10AM: An event ‘Let’s exchange our books’ takes place in Central Library of Ulaanbaatar City

10AM: A scientific conference dedicated to the 200th birthday anniversary of Karl Marx is held in the first building of the National University of Mongolia

12AM: Opening ceremony of ‘Barilga Expo 2018’ apartment and green building expo takes place in Misheel Expo Center

4:30PM: Multilateral meeting and consultation themed ‘Responsibility of Education Sector and Ways to increase funding’ is organized in the 11th government building

In the National Library

10AM: Launch of ‘Writers’ photograph and manuscript exhibition’ takes place

11AM: An official launch of ‘National Script and Language-2018’ takes place

2PM: An opening of photo album of ‘National Literary Heritage’ published by the Arts Council of Mongolia takes place