“Gobi” exports its products to more 30 countries

2015-08-25 16:46:06

“Gobi” JSI is the only vertically integrated cashmere producer of Mongolia processing cashmere and baby camel wool, producing different types of textiles, and making finished products from them.

As of the end of the last year, “Gobi” company exported products worth about 14 mln dollars to more than 30 countries. The Gobi products are sold in stores of more than 20 developed cities including New-York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Moscow and Seoul with “Made in Mongolia” label. The products have the high reputation and are counted as the bestselling products all over the world. Export selling was grown by 18.8 percent in 2014 compared to the previous year and the number of brand shops was increased up to 47. Within the scope of the program to promote the cashmere sector, the Government has solved the issue of working capital facing the cashmere producers in a way of granting soft loans. Our weaving factory is equipped with leading and advanced machineries of Germany, Italy, Japan and Switzerland. Last year, the up-to-date embroidery machine produced by Japanese Tajima group was installed, which let to sew 2 million kinds of embroideries with variety of colors and letter fonts. Thus, we are offering a wide selection of colors, decorations and designs to our customers. The “Gobi” company was founded in 1981 by the joint effort of Mongolian and Japanese governments with an aim to produce 100 percent natural cashmere and camel wool. The company is ranked among the first five in the World with its collections for four seasons.

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